At Santolina we offer our members the chance to loan one of our horses or ponies! A loan can be booked for 6 days, 3 days or just the 1 day and is a great way to test your knowledge and riding ability. It is also an excellent way to practice and prepare for owning your own horse one day when you are ready.

A loan gives our members a chance to spend the whole day at the stables taking care of the pony or horse of their choice and the price incorporates a 1 hour ride each day you loan.

Each day you loan, you will be responsible for grooming and mucking your pony or horse out, taking him to and from the fields and ensuring he is tacked up and ready for any lessons he may have. You will then get to ride with any other people loaning, structuring your own lesson.

All loaners must first have membership to the Santolina Riding Club. If you are unsure if you are eligible to loan a Santolina horse or pony, please contact us.

One Day Loan

These can be booked any day of the week (except Mondays when we are closed) both in term time and in school holidays and no deposit is required. You are able to choose the horse/pony you wish to loan for the day and are welcome at the stables anytime within our opening hours. An hours ride is included in the day on your loan horse/pony. Please note that due to high demand of 6 day loas in the school holidays, you are unable to pre-book a 1 day loan during the holidays in advance but may book one the week before the loan is due to start.

Three Day Loans

A 3 day loan is similar to the 1 day loan accept you get to spend 3 days at the stables and get 3 hours worth of rides in! 3 day loans can also be booked on any days of the week (except Mondays) both during term-time and school holidays and they do not have to run consecutivley. For example, you may wish to book a 3 day loan on a Thursday and come along after school and then a Saturday and a Sunday and spend the weekend looking after your favourite horse/pony. As with the 1 day loans, we are only able to book a 3 day loan during the school holidays one week prior to it’s start date.

6 Day Loans

These are available both in term-time and all school holidays including the Christmas holidays. A 6 day loan runs from Tuesday to Sunday and all six days must be within one week. Loaning during the school holidays is an excellent way to boost your confidence, ride every day, improve your knowledge and your riding skills and meet loads of new friends!

Working Livery Loans

We are now offering working livery loans where by you loan your chosen horse or pony (not all Santolina horses/ponies are available for this type of loan) week by week, and provided you have your own insurance, are able to take the horse/pony out on hacks and out to local shows. Terms and conditions apply and if you would like anymore information on our working livery loans please contact us.

Members must meet certain criteria before they are eligible to loan and must first pass a ‘Loaners Test’. Our Loaning policy can be found on the member’s area of this website. Please contact us for details on loaning costs. Please note that if you are under 12 years old you are considered a pre-loaning and will pay a different price.

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